Tornado Risk Increasing

Here are the updated severe thunderstorm and tornado outlooks for this afternoon through Sunday night. The tornado risk is increasing geographically.

Saturday Afternoon and Night

The tornado significant risk area (brown) has been enlarged and it now includes Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities.

Here is the risk (15% significant which is the yellow area) of large hail and damaging thunderstorm winds.

Sunday and Sunday Night

This is a really dangerous situation because the forward motion of the thunderstorms -- and any tornadoes they produce -- will be in the 50 to 70 mph range! This means you may get less "lead time" than usual.

The geographic area forecast to have a major threat of damaging winds and tornadoes (some violent) has been enlarged since this morning's outlook (see posting below).

Whether you are at a college football game later today, one of the NFL games in the affected area tomorrow (Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Buffalo), or enjoying the weekend at home, take responsibility for your own safety. 

Make sure you have a source for warnings that has a battery backup. Make sure you have cash (ATMs don't work in power failures). If you are in these areas, make sure you have a source to receive warnings such as a weather radio.


  1. Do you think what was posted here is a possibility tonight? See link. I know the atmosphere over SW MO and surrounding areas was capped and since there is not a hint of it from the local SGF office...

  2. There are thunderstorms firing over the southern Flint Hills of KS (6:50pm). There is a chance (not a high chance) of strong thunderstorms in southwest MO during the night.


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