Thank You, Roger Pielke, Jr.

The pro-global warming advocates have been especially nasty the last three weeks (you should see my email!) and they have questioned, without basis, the fact the U.S. is in the longest "drought" since a major hurricane came ashore.

Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. has updated his graph and here it is. The slight upward trend (red line) in the graph indicates major hurricanes are slightly less common than previously.
The rest of Roger's important posting is here.

Note to my many correspondents about hurricanes: If you wish to impress me (and I am impressible), send me something about the science. "I believe," while I'm sure is well-intended, is meaningless in science. A hypothesis, while meaningful (and worthy of respect!) is not "evidence." Send me evidence and if it is something I have not seen before I will happily consider it and will likely write about it. OK?


  1. I'd love to know how they found your e-mail address as I never saw a personal one on your website. I've wanted to contact you for a bit to see some of your pictures of the Greensburg damage.

  2. You can get hold me me via the "contact" information at .


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