The Joke That Big Climate Has Become

Over the last few days, I guess because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we've heard more about global warming, hurricanes getting worse (they aren't!!) and the 'news' that Al Gore has become a vegan. And, there have been numerous tweets accusing skeptics of misusing a logo of a professional science organization. I have no interest in going into the details of this and I do not condone the misuse of logos if that is what happened.

However, the fudging of scientific credentials is done routinely in the pro-catastrophic global warming camp. People without any expertise in climate are presented as "experts" even as organizations are trumpeting their "scientific integrity." This describes several well-known organizations. Let me pick one to illustrate.

Here is a snapshot of the Union of Concerned Scientists' website:

Notice they talk about "scientific integrity."And, they level plenty of criticism at others (see the yellow link) for alleged ethical sins. Given that high level of ethics they claim, they only allow the top scientists join, correct? Not so fast!

A dog can become a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Here is the organization's newest member!
You can read the amusing full story of how Kenji the dog became a member of the Union at Anthony Watts' blog.

Okay, that is funny but they only have the top meteorologists and climate scientists making policy and communicating with the public, right? Wrong. Here is the background of the head of the Union's "climate initiative."
History? Ecology? Surely, there is coursework in climate. So, I went to Yale University's website and looked up the curriculum in ecology. Nothing in climate or relating to climate. Please click on the purple link and see for yourself. While I do not question Dr. Boucher's sincerity or good faith, I do question him being presented as an expert by a purportedly science-based organization. Of course, as we discussed two weeks ago, he is hardly alone. Over and over, this blog has documented pro-global warming organizations putting forward individuals as climate experts with little or no formal training in atmospheric science or climatology.

So, we have a union of "scientists" that allows puppies as members, has a head of the climate science program that has not studied climate science, and criticizes the ethics of others.

While the skeptical side is hardly perfect, I suggest that those that occupy glass office buildings don't throw stones.


  1. Ever wonder what results from an objective assessment of the data?
    An equation, using only one external forcing, that results in 95% correlation with average global temperatures since before 1900 is at . The equation calculates reasonable average global temperature trends since 1610 including the recovery from the LIA. Change to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide had no significant influence.


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