NIST Report: The Sirens Were Silent

It cited "confusion about or distrust" of emergency storm warnings and a "lack of awareness" of the tornado's approach.

The above come from an Associated Press story about the National Institute of Standards and Technology's just released report on Joplin tornado. It is 429 pages long. I read the pertinent parts yesterday. It comes to the same conclusions as When the Sirens Were Silent. 
One of the reason there was a "lack of awareness" the tornado was approach was because the tornado sirens were silent during that time. 

Rather than spend hours reading a very dense and technical report, if you want to know what went wrong in Joplin, you can go to the library and borrow a copy of the print version or purchase (just $2.99) the very easy to read Sirens. It is also available for Nook and Amazon's free Cloud Reader. It is about 60 pages long. 


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