Major Autumn Tornado Threat Developing

This is a big deal!

Saturday and Saturday Night

There is a significant (5%) tornado risk in the brown-shaded area.

There is a significant (in this case, 15%) risk of large hail and damaging thunderstorm winds in the yellow area.

Sunday and Sunday Night
In the red and purple areas there is a moderate to high chance of damaging winds and tornadoes. Where you see the hatching there is a significant chance of violent tornadoes and thunderstorm-generated winds of 75 mph or higher.

Note this includes Chicago, Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh where NFL games will be played starting at 1pm Eastern. It is important that you take charge of your safety since any tornadoes and their parent thunderstorms will have a fast forward movement. So, have a radio with you and get into an interior part of the stadium (i.e., a concourse), preferably on a lower level if thunderstorms approach.

I will be updating the blog as this threat develops.


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