70% of Meteorologists are 'Deniers'

No kidding.

Over the last five years, I have been subject of intense, intense criticism for my contention, based in my personal observations, that meteorologists, more than any other science, are skeptical of the supposed catastrophic global warming 'consensus.' Part of the reason is my too numerous conversations with meteorologists, even at the PhD level, who are afraid -- for career reasons -- to state their true feelings.

Now, there is a confidential study of real meteorologists. Our science encompasses the practitioners with the most knowledge of climate and weather. And, when it comes to the Al Gore catastrophic global warming hypothesis, 70% of those who agree the earth is warming, regardless of reason (which is almost everyone who replied), would nevertheless be classed as 'deniers':
If you are not "very worried" then one can infer you do not believe global warming will be a "catastrophe."

My answer would have been "somewhat worried," but if I were answering the survey today, it would have changed to "not very worried" based on newer scientific information (i.e., the fact the atmosphere and sea surface temperatures have continued not to warm). Climate scientist Dr. Judith Curry has her take on the survey, here. It is her conclusion that 48% are deniers. The survey results are here.

Washington Post photo of Dr. James Hansen, formerly of NASA
The Big Climate-types will immediately chime in with, "but these aren't climate scientists!" Nonsense.

I took climatological courses in college including biometeorology, urban climate, atmospheric physics, and atmospheric chemistry. Yes, we studied the effects of greenhouse gasses. Those are better qualifications than the head of the IPCC (railroad engineering PhD) and the famous Dr. James Hansen who has never studied atmospheric science. He is an astronomer. Apparently, all of the qualifications you have to have to be a 'climate scientist', in some quarters, is to agree with Al Gore.

Even though this survey agrees with my belief that global warming is a small problem, I want to be quick to add that beliefs ≠ science. Science is about what can be proven and replicated. But, this should put the "97% of climate scientists believe..." nonsense to rest.

[Because of its importance and the relatively quiet weather, this will be the only story on my blog today.]

Re-edited to make it clearer on March 18, 2014. No conclusions have been changed.


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