Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Is the Centers For Disease Control Writing About Tornadoes?

Their article about the Joplin tornado is here.

While the following passage supports my contention that siren overuse played a role in the unnecessarily high death toll,

 I was on the couch watching the Weather Channel.  We were having severe storms, which is not unusual for that time of year.  I have heard tornado sirens many times throughout my life living in Joplin, so this evening was not unfamiliar.

the fact is that is that tornadoes are not a "disease." We also learn that CDC stores disaster supplies and does disaster planning. While it great for them to plan for things like epidemics, I thought natural disasters were handled by FEMA? If everyone is in charge, no one is in charge.

If I recall correctly (changing planes as I write this), this is the fourth of these I've pointed out in the last month, it seems there are many, many overlapping federal plans/agencies. This is why I believe we need a National Disaster Review Board along the lines of the NTSB. I make the case here and here.

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