Why Is the Centers For Disease Control Writing About Tornadoes?

Their article about the Joplin tornado is here.

While the following passage supports my contention that siren overuse played a role in the unnecessarily high death toll,

 I was on the couch watching the Weather Channel.  We were having severe storms, which is not unusual for that time of year.  I have heard tornado sirens many times throughout my life living in Joplin, so this evening was not unfamiliar.

the fact is that is that tornadoes are not a "disease." We also learn that CDC stores disaster supplies and does disaster planning. While it great for them to plan for things like epidemics, I thought natural disasters were handled by FEMA? If everyone is in charge, no one is in charge.

If I recall correctly (changing planes as I write this), this is the fourth of these I've pointed out in the last month, it seems there are many, many overlapping federal plans/agencies. This is why I believe we need a National Disaster Review Board along the lines of the NTSB. I make the case here and here.


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