Now, the Car Washes are Angry

It is summer down under, peak car washing season.
Argentine car washers blame poor weather forecasting for bad business
A summer brawl has surfaced in Buenos Aires between the car washers’ industry and the Argentine Meteorological service that are blamed for their poor forecasts which scares customers from the outlets.

The story goes on to say,

The dispute came to light when the Argentine Chamber of Automatic and Manual Automobile Washing, Calama, criticized the weather forecasters in an open letter addressed to one of Buenos Aires newspapers.

However the Argentine National Meteorological Service tried to downplay the controversy. The director of the service Hector Ciappesoni in statements to another daily said that the mistakes are “even” both when announcing rainfall and when anticipating good weather.
“In any case the owners of the car washing stations must understand that 2012 was the fourth rainiest year since 1900”, indicated Ciappesoni.
In the letter the chamber complains that the “reiterated errors” of the Met Service which forecast rain, storms and hail which then do not occur only help “to scare clients” from our washing stations.

Full story is here.

So, I went to AccuWeather to see what the current weather is and found, you guessed it,

It appears the car wash owners' beef is really with Mother Nature. However, AccuWeather does make independent forecasts for South America and the Buenos Aires Forecast is here. Give us try!


  1. They would have blamed global warming, but they are in a car related business...


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