Why "Do-It-Yourself Meteorology" is a Terrible Idea

Hundreds of millions of unnecessary losses:

(Reuters) - New Jersey Transit incorrectly used federal government software that otherwise could have warned officials against a disastrous decision to leave hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment in a low-lying rail yard before Superstorm Sandy struck, a Reuters examination has found.

The agency based its decision, at least in part, on software provided by the National Weather Service that allows users to simulate an approaching hurricane and show areas vulnerable to flooding from storm surge, according to Sandy-related forecast documents obtained byReuters from New Jersey Transit. Exactly how the agency used the software is unclear because the agency declined to answer any specific questions.

Reuters asked for the documents that New Jersey Transit relied upon in deciding to leave the trains at its Meadows Maintenance Complex in Kearny, New Jersey. Among the documents was a screen-shot of storm prediction software that indicated the user had the storm traveling northeast, away from the New York area, while moving at the wrong speed.

The full story is here.

The highly specialized expertise needed to determine and mitigate the threats posed by extreme weather  cannot be duplicated by playing with software, government's or otherwise.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions' entire business is working with other businesses to mitigate the risks to people, property and profits. With more than thirty years of expertise, exclusive tools, and the best people in the business, contact us before the next storm arrives.


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