Ice Today, Tornadoes Tuesday

Here are the latest winter weather warnings and advisories.

Deep plum in eastern Iowa is an ice storm warnings where power failures and very poor travel conditions are expected. Purple is a freezing rain advisory. Pink is a winter storm warning for ice. Blue is a winter storm watch. Note: The NWS is working on simplifying all of this and I hope they have it done for next season.

AccuWeather Regional Radar shows the area of freezing rain (purple) is moving east northeast at 8:12am CST. There are areas of sleet (ice pellets) mixed with the freezing rain in places. Snow (light blue) is falling from around Green Bay to near Lansing.

Once we get rid of this storm, we turn our attentions to a potential tornado and severe thunderstorm outbreak that is forecast to begin on Tuesday and last into Wednesday.  Here are the relative probabilities from 6am Tuesday until 6am Wednesday. Keep an eye out if you live in these areas.


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