"Jersey Boys" Opening Night? Two Weeks From Tonight.

Two weeks from tonight Jersey Boys opens at Century II in Wichita.
One critic, I think accurately, calls it "the first musical for guys." I've seen the show a number of times and can't wait to see it again. Tickets are on sale here.

If you are visiting from out of town, the Hyatt Regency is physically connected to Century II and the the Drury-Broadview is across the street. The Ambassador is a short walk. All three have surprisingly good restaurants if wish to do dinner as part of your evening.

If you would like a sample, see the video below. At the end, you see people literally on their feet singing along. That is very common at the performances I have attended. However, Kathleen says I have to wait for others to start singing before I can sing along. So, Wichita, how 'bout it? Do you want to hear my falsetto (from the audience) or not?

ADDITION: Kathleen is concerned about my phrasing about the restaurants. My point is each would make it as a stand-alone restaurant even if it didn't have the hotel business, they're that good. In fact, when we see JB, we're having dinner at one of the three I listed.


  1. Agree on Jersey Boys. Saw it in Vegas and it was exhilirating.

    I wanted to thank you for not just blogging about weather. It is always interesting to read what smart people find interesting away from their chosen field or area of expertise. You seem to strike the right balance between business and pleasure.

    Lincoln, NE


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