Thursday, February 3, 2011

New York Times Lamenting the Disappearance of Snow

From January 15, 2000. Due to 'global warming,' of course,

Winter in New York: Something's Missing; Absence of Snow Upsets Rhythms Of Urban Life and Natural World

...But it does not take a scientist to size up the effects of snowless winters on the children too young to remember the record-setting blizzards of 1996. For them, the pleasures of sledding and snowball fights are as out-of-date as hoop-rolling, and the delight of a snow day off from school is unknown...

''I bought a sled in '96 for my daughter,'' said Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, a scientist at the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund. ''It's been sitting in the stairwell, and hasn't been used. I used to go sledding all the time. It's one of my most vivid and pleasant memories as a kid, hauling the sled out to Cunningham Park in Queens.''

The entire article is here

I doubt too many people in New York or the surrounding region are lamenting the lack of snow these days.

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