Thursday, April 1, 2010

Severe Weather Outlook

Updated with AccuWeather graphic, 7:35am.

I've been so busy with book-related matters this evening, I am behind on my promised severe weather report.

Thunderstorms with large hail (tornado chances are small) may occur from around Clinton, OK into central Nebraska after sunset through the nighttime hours.

More widespread strong thunderstorms are possible in Oklahoma, eastern Texas, Arkansas, southeast Kansas, and Missouri. Tornadoes are possible if temperatures are able to warm up adequately.

This is the day that has me most intrigued/concerned.  If a strong low now in the eastern Pacific moves southeast as fast as some of the computer models indicate, there could be a major severe weather situation in the Central U.S. from Monday afternoon into Monday night migrating to the Mississippi Valley on Tuesday.  This bears watching.

There appears to be little to no chance of severe thunderstorms on Easter Sunday.

Keep in mind, the definition of "severe" thunderstorm is one with wind gusts of 58 mph (50 knots) or stronger and/or hailstones one inch in diameter or larger.

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