Saturday, January 10, 2015

Change in Weather Pattern

The since about Christmas, the 48 contiguous states have been cold east of the Rockies due to a large low pressure center (oval) over eastern North America. Unfortunately, it has kept California dry after a  promising start to the wet season.

It about a week, the pattern will begin to change. The large low pressure system is gone.

And, storms begin to approach California in 8 to 9 days (rectangle).
So, hopefully, we can get the rain falling again in California and adjacent areas.


  1. What do you think this will bring to the central part of the US when California starts to get rains? Will I need to be ready to push snow in the middle of the country? Thanks!

  2. Since I don't know your exact location, I can't comment. Please check your AccuWeather forecast or watch the blog as time progresses.


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