Monday, January 26, 2015

9am EST Blizzard Update

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The greenish shades are 22" or more. The highest snow amounts are in northeast Connecticut, northern Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts. The amounts around Boston will be in the 26 to 30 inch range. Add in the strong winds and you have a crippling storm.

The latest AccuWeather Regional Radar:
More than 3,000 flights have been cancelled.

Here are some suggestions:

Three important points:
So, what should you do if you live in this region?
  • Do not travel in this storm by any mode. The chance of getting stuck are high.
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of medicines.
  • Fill your car's tank.
  • Go to the ATM and insure you have extra cash. 


  1. Quick Mike, what's the over/under for the first article that blames this storm on "global warming" or "climate change"? Today? Tuesday? Already happened?

    I'm surprised travel waivers haven't been issued for later in the week. I've read that UA is effectively shutting down operations in NYC and further north tomorrow. It will take a while to correct the logistics, especially for the RJs.

    One last thing - heavy snow does not require a "blizzard" and a blizzard does NOT require heavy snow. All about the sustained winds. I personally think bizzards on the plains are a lot worse. Just that the NE US has a lot more people.

  2. Brian: Already happened.

    Yes, the waivers need to be more extensive. And, you are correct about the official blizzard definition.


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