Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is Not Good

The arrows point to a line of whiter (thicker) clouds as of 11am. Meteorologists call this a "boundary" between the rain-cooled air to the north and the hot, humid air to the south. Skies are now clearing west of Wichita which will allow the boundary to "bake." If other conditions are right, it is a favored area for tornado development.


  1. Mike, the north-south oriented line now moving through eastern KS/OK looks like a gravity wave. A similar feature served as a focus for severe thunderstorms (high wind and hail mainly) Sunday afternoon across NE IL and NW IN. It's something to watch this afternoon. I hope everyone stays safe and vigilant today!

  2. The boundary that you mention in this post appears to be situated just east of Wichita now. Are storms expected to form behind (west) of the boundary, or just in front of it?

  3. Kelly,

    It is not uncommon for the boundary to become invisible to satellite during the afternoon (the Greensburg boundary did). It can still be detected through wind and pressure patterns.

    The reason it becomes invisible is the (temporarily) sinking air behind the large cluster of thunderstorms. The air will begin rising again as the main low aloft approaches from the west.

    The storms should form along and just south of the boundary.

  4. Mike, I have a rescue center for Raptors near Cheney. Should I bring as many birds into our basement Due to high winds and possible Hail?
    Ken Lockwood

  5. Ken,
    I can't make those decisions. Please follow AccuWeather.com and (at least till 5pm) this blog and after, the local media, for more info.


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