Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enhanced Version of "Warnings" Available Through Kindle

The first enhanced edition of Warnings is now available at Amazon for the Kindle.

The enhanced version contains embedded full resolution (not links) videos of a downburst:

A computer simulation downburst-caused plane crash:

What happens when a tornado and train collide:

As well as other video and photos not in the hardcover book. All are integrated into text and complement the narrative. Warnings is the story of how courageous scientists beat to odds to create the storm warning system that saves so many lives. The enhanced version is available for the very reasonable price of $12.50.

I expect the Nook version of Warnings will be available this week. Apple will be next.

BUMPED:  Due to storm coverage. If you like this blog, please support it by purchasing a copy of Warnings in hardcover, Kindle eBook or Kindle Enhanced eBook. You'll be glad you did. The book has received suburb reviews.

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  1. I have watched that train derailment video for quite awhile and sent it out to everyone that I knew. That happened not far from my childhood home where my Mom still lives and a friend lives quite close to it!
    Thanks for sharing all this! Very interesting!
    Debbie in North Texas


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