Friday, April 29, 2011

Upcoming the Next Seven Days

Sierra just before the interview started.
One our favorite programs at The Smith House is "It's All Good" with Sierra Scott. It is a half hour program on the Kansas CW (KSCW TV) in prime time, 7:30pm Sundays, that focuses on good news stories.

Very pleased to report that I'm going to be featured on the show Sunday evening. For those in Kansas and northern Oklahoma, I hope you can tune in.

I'm also doing a book signing and Q&A about severe storms a week from tonight (May 6) at the Barnes & Noble in Bradley Fair, 21st and Rock Rd., in Wichita. It will start at 7pm. Warnings, which is written like a mystery novel, takes the reader inside the world of severe storm warnings. It is a fast-paced read that will give you a new insight on what meteorologists have been dealing with the past month. The knowledge it conveys about the warning system might just save your life.

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