A Most Welcome Improvement to the NWS/FCC's WEA Warning System

With numerous good reasons on multiple occasions, I have been very critical of the WEA smartphone storm warning system. My most recent posting was in August. WEA is a program of the National Weather Service (NWS) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
My primary objections is that it duplicates free services already available that are much more location-specific. As the August article demonstrated, the false alarm rate with the WEA alerts are huge.

I am happy to report they are making one improvement that I really like.
The NWS is going to categorize flash flood warnings by severity and only the top two levels will trigger WEA. That will cut down on the high level of unnecessary false alarms such as the one August 8, 2019, in south central Kansas. Good job, NWS and FCC.

There are rumors floating around that they are going to add severe thunderstorm warnings to the WEA alerts. That is a terrible idea and it will kill WEA just like the severe thunderstorm warnings have killed NOAA Weather Radio -- no one wants to be awaked at 2:30 am because of a warning of 1" hail that, statistically, is likely a false alarm anyway.

If the NWS and FCC are determined to add severe thunderstorm warnings, I would urge them to set a minimum of 75 mph winds and/or hail of 3" in diameter or larger. Personally, I believe the severe entire thunderstorm warning program is something that should be completely re-evaluated as part of my proposed reorganization of the National Weather Service.

In the meantime, good job on the changes in flash flood warnings for WEA.


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