Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha

I'll believe global warming is a problem when the people who tell me it's a problem start acting like its a problem.  -- Dr. Glenn Reynolds
Actually, "just talking" is a perfect description of Mr. Bloomberg on the topic of global warming.

Mr. Bloomberg has a fleet of private jets and helicopters.
NY Daily News
NY Intelligencer
Not only does he produce massive amounts of carbon flying by flying privately everywhere (he even once tried to use his helicopter to fly to a sports stadium to watch a game), he has 13 homes around the world!

In Mr. Bloomberg's reality: you and I should sacrifice and cut our already modest carbon footprints so the elite, with carbon footprints the size of Asia, can continue their jet-set lifestyles.

What a (really bad) joke!

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