Monday, February 24, 2020

6:45pm Monday: Major Winter Storm Developing

These snowfall amounts, from AccuWeather, look reasonable to me.
Major snows are expected in both Chicagoland (especially in the southern suburbs) and Detroit (especially in the northern suburbs). The snow should begin in Quincy around 8am and Chicago around midday.

Meanwhile, farther west, rare snow squall warnings are in effect in southwest Kansas.
Winds are gusting to 40 mph with very low visibility in heavy snow.

This map, which shows forecast snow through 7pm Tuesday, shows the start of the Midwest winter storm in Missouri and Illinois. Farther west, across Kansas and Nebraska, snow is forecast to forecast in higher amounts than we thought 24 hours ago. Please note that some quick accumulations of several inches (even more in the center of Kansas) may occur tonight through Tuesday evening.

In Wichita, I wouldn't be surprised to receive 1-4 inches of snow.

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