The Minnesota School Kerfuffle

As I was seconds from walking out of the house to drive to the courthouse, my testimony was delayed until tomorrow. So, tomorrow will be the day I am taking off from blogging.
Map of the actual snow from the storm. Click to enlarge.
There is an interesting kerfuffle going on in St. Paul, Minnesota, where the school district made what they now say was the wrong decision by having school yesterday. As is too often the case, they blamed meteorologists. I am delighted to say, they got caught this time.

Here is what the school district said,
Here is what Minnesota Public Radio said in response.
One of the parents, whose children were delayed for hours on a school bus, wrote:
“Had we known…” Are you even serious? Every forecast in the region was clear. The stress and strain you put on families and the children you put in danger when you put them on the roads tonight was absolutely unacceptable. Take responsibility. This was nothing short of very poor planning. Not only did you have a pretty clear radar as early as yesterday, you had enough snow by noon to know what the afternoon would look like. Had you known…please.

I've often talked about how the weather is an "all-purpose excuse" which is used even when the forecasts are fine.

Fortunately, people are catching on to this. Even United Airlines is making changes to improve the company's credibility.

I do have one bone to pick with MPR's story and that is this.
No, every meteorologist does not "work off the National Weather Service." While I cannot speak for others, AccuWeather has its own team of meteorologists who make our own forecasts for our clientele.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions' expertise is to provide warnings of and mitigation of extreme weather to businesses and other enterprise clients. Whether you run a school district or any other business, please contact us at: and we'll show you have to make great decisions to improve safety and efficiency.


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