Do You Have a Holiday Gift Certificate?

If you have a gift certificate from Amazon, B&N or an independent bookseller, I would ask you to consider one of my books as a gift to yourself. If you enjoy reading this blog, you'll enjoy both books.

Warnings, written in the style of a novel, tells the exciting and amazing story of the weather scientists that risked their lives and careers to create the warning system that protects all of us and saves more than one thousand lives in the United States each year. Every review of the book has been highly positive and I invite you to read the reviews: Barnes & Noble (scroll down) or Amazon.

When the Sirens Were Silent is the story of the catastrophic Joplin tornado which caused 161 to lose their lives. I wrote the book to expose all of the things that went wrong that horrible day so they will never occur again. As you will see with the reviews, the readers (including some in Joplin that experienced the tornado) who are not associated with the National Weather Service love the book while those associated with the NWS despise it. Why? Because it tells the story of how the storm warnings failed the citizens of that city allowing scores of unnecessary deaths to occur. I'll let you read it and make up your own mind.

The paper copies of Sirens sold out within a couple of months of it going on sale but the ebook version is available. We priced the ebook very inexpensively -- $2.99 -- because we want everyone to read it, including the detailed tornado safety rules at the end. Those safety rules are broken down for home, school and work. The book is 67 pages and is a quick read.

By the way, you do not need a Kindle or Nook or other device to read Sirens. Just go to:  
and it will give you the ability to read Sirens or any other ebook without a dedicated device. It is quick and easy. 


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