Tornado Watch: Central High Plains

A tornado watch has been issued until 10pm CDT / 9pm MDT for parts of Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. It includes Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Note also there is a "moderate" chance of hail 2" in diameter or large.
If you live in these areas, please keep up on the latest weather information at the first sign of the approach of a thunderstorm.

UPDATE: 2:39PM CDT: Average delays of 45 min. at DFW International due to thunderstorms with some flights cancelled. Average delays of 30 minutes at Love Field in Dallas that may lengthen.

There were delays at Denver International due to the thunderstorms you see on the map northeast of the airport. Those delays, as of this moment, have ended. However, the new thunderstorms forming over the foothills west of the airport, will likely cause delays again later this afternoon. Those delays may be lengthy when they occur. 

UPDATE AS OF 2:48PM. Dallas-area delays have lengthened, as expected. 

  • DFW International: Average delays 99 minutes. Some flights cancelled. 
  • Dallas Love: Average delays of 62 minutes.
Note: This will be the last update on airline delays. This gives you a general idea. If you are flying through Denver or Dallas this afternoon, please check your specific flight via your airline's web site. 


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