Father's Day Gift Certificate? Just One Copy in Stock

After a nice Father's Day run, Amazon is down to one copy.

Warnings continues to receive excellent reviews. A except from the most recent:
One of the biggest impressions I got was how the discoveries of Ted Fujita and his contributions to our knowledge of wind shear have led to a remarkable improvement in air travel safety since the 1980s. There is some unavoidable delving into politics, from the early days of the battles between the Air Force, the Weather Bureau, and eventually TV stations over tornado warnings, to the unfortunate foot-dragging of the Bush administration with the Hurricane Katrina recovery. All told, this is a story of a triumph of true science over its adversaries, whether political or just human nature.
Yes, the book is the life-saving triumph of scientists over tremendous odds. It would be a great way to use your Father's Day gift card.


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