Major Severe Weather Threat Wednesday

2016 has been an unusually quiet year for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in the Midwest. That is going to change tomorrow in a big way. So, I am starting coverage of this event now.
The threshold for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms on this day-before outlook is 15% (yellow). The hatched area is where violent tornadoes, thunderstorm wind gusts of 75 mph or giant hail (2" or larger) are forecast to occur. The purple area is a 45% probability is three times the significant threshold. If you live in this area, there is the possibility of power failures due to the forecast high winds.

What is my preparatory advice at this point?
  • Go to your ATM and get some extra cash. Credit card machines and ATM's don't work during power failures. 
  • Make sure you car's fuel is topped off.
  • If you have a chain saw or generator, make sure they have fuel.
  • If you need to move things in a garage so you can put your car in, now would be a good time.
  • Make plans to insure your children/infirm relatives or friends can get to shelter quickly.
  • My friend Steve Drews reminded me to add: Make sure your flashlight and weather radio have fresh batteries. Make sure your cell phone has a full charge. Plan to take it to your shelter area, if needed, with you. 
These are no cost plans (you'll spend the money or use the gasoline anyway) that will allow you to mitigate the inconvenience this weather situation might cause. 

I expect to post on this subject again this afternoon. 


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