Annual Sonic Reminder

While I don't know if it is a Kansas or national promotion but Monday is half-price cheeseburger day (they're delicious!) at Sonic.

So, my annual reminder: If you are getting drinks (only) or, maybe, a single cheeseburger, go to the drive through.

If you are feeding the tribe, pull into a stall and order! That is what the carhops are for.

Last week, I was the car behind the car at the window and I waited 12 minutes (!!) while the car in front of me got four drinks, a juice box and four sacks of food.

And, finally, there was a conversation by some storm chasers on Facebook asking the question, "Should you tip your carhop at Sonic?" My gosh people, they work in the rain, snow, hot and cold.

Tip Your Carhops at Sonic!!!


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