Monday, March 14, 2016

This is a Fascinating Map

The average amount of snow after the first spring 70° temperature each year.
I wouldn't have guessed so much.


  1. Seems like often the "after 70 degree" spring snowstorms often come pretty late (here in Kansas) as well. I can remember some in April. And I still have photos on Facebook from March 30th, 2009 big snow - well after 'first day of spring'. You never know, with Kansas! :-)

  2. Gee, what a surprise. 12+ inches on average after the 1st 70 degree day in NE Colorado. For that matter, most of the high plains.

    Chinook (strong downslope) = 70 degree weather in Feb/Mar.

    Strong low pressure in KS plus a cold front = strong upslope = heavy snow in NE Colorado.

    KDEN average snow: Mar: 10.7" Apr: 6.8" May: 1.1". So it adds up.


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