Special Announcement: A Very Important Occasion

The 25th anniversary of the Wichita-Andover Tornado will be commemorated in Andover, Kansas, on April 26, 2016, at 6pm at (the rebuilt) St. Vincent's Church from 6pm to 7pm, the hour of the day in which the tornado struck.

It will be a remembrance plus a celebration of a town that has recovered beautifully from the storm. I will be there to recount the approach of the tornado, the warning (which saved at least 77 lives) and how very far we have come in weather science since that day. There will displays of memorabilia and photographs from that terrible day.

Even though we are in tornado alley, until that day in 1991, there had never been a tornado fatality in the cities of Wichita and Andover. To non-residents, it is hard to describe the impact the F-5 tornado had on the region.

St. Vincent's is a huge facility about five blocks north of US 54/400 on Andover Road.

If you are not able to attend the commemoration, I recorded a program for the iHeartRadio stations in Wichita yesterday about the tornado. As soon as I have the air dates and times, I will post them. I'll also post a link if one is available.

ADDITION: Since the original posting, I have been asked to do an interview for KFDI-FM's 25th anniversary program. I will post a link to that program, also, when I have that information.

[note: this will be the lead story on the blog Saturday and Sunday]


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