Anderson Fire Update: At Last, Some Good News

Via Facebook and Jary Mclean comes this photo of the Anderson Creek Fire in Comanche County, Kansas, Friday.

A few minutes ago Chip Redmond, meteorologist with the Kansas Forest Service, shared this photo via Facebook of one of the National Guard helicopters taking off carrying a 660 gallon water bucket which will be dumped on the fire. The copters drop into area lakes to fill the buckets.
Now, the very good news. The computer models that have ingested the weather balloon data from the 7am launch are forecasting much more moisture in the fire area.

The Updated Forecast
No precipitation is forecast before midnight tonight.

Here is the range of forecasts: 4km WRF.
Over = Anderson Crk Fire area. W=Wichita. 
The NAM:

The GFS is the most optimistic with as much as 0.8 inches in Barber County.

European model:

So, the rainfall amount forecasts range from about a tenth of an inch in western Comanche County to a third of an inch in Barber Co. to about three-quarters of an inch at the high end.

Here is the forecast radar for 3am Easter Sunday morning. Yes, the dark blue is snow. Some areas of central and eastern Kansas could have accumulating snow.
A few prayers this Easter Weekend would be appropriate and appreciated.


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