Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Fun: Ginger Zee on "Dancing With the Stars"

A personal note: When I was in college, and early in my career, there were almost no women meteorologists. There was just one woman in my graduating class at the University of Oklahoma. Women were actively discouraged from pursuing meteorology as a career.

Some of us pushed back -- hard -- against that culture. I hired only the second woman to get the American Meteorological Society's Television Seal of Approval and have tried to hire qualified women and minorities ever since.

I've really enjoyed watching meteorologist Ginger Zee on Dancing With the Stars. Not only is she a great dancer, she has always been a terrific role model for other young women. It is fun to see her dancing with such zest.

If you haven't seen Ginger dance yet, she'll be on ABC again tomorrow evening.

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