With More Tornadoes Likely This Week...

...two ebooks that can be read right away and will be timely reading.

Two new reviews from the past week:

New review of Warnings:  Science has done such a good job "taming the weather", that we now take it for granted. Airlines know to adjust their schedules because one area will have ice and snow tomorrow. Railroads know to do the same because low lying tracks will be flooded two days from now. We cancel a camping trip because high winds are expected this weekend. These things were unheard of not that long ago. This book is really interesting because it tells the story of how people and technology changed everyone's lives. There are also interesting stories for those who enjoy severe weather. I own the book in hardcover.

This is a link to the ebook version which has 16 extra photographs we could not get into the hardcover version.

This past week was the second anniversary of the horrible Joplin tornado. A new review says,
Interesting short book about the tornado that hit Joplin MO, and did so much damage, and killed so many people. The book addresses what happened, and how the people get warned. He has some excellent points regarding the fact that there is not one uniform and consistent policy on how to use warning sirens. Some local communities use the sirens only for life threatening issues, and other communities use them for many different warnings, not all of which are life threatening. This can result in people not all getting a warning like in the case of the Tornado hitting Joplin. Then there can be issues as to where the tornado is located, and how this information is provided to the residents of community, and visitors who may be passing through on the local roads. He has some good points about a uniform policy on using warning sirens, and ensuring that it is conveyed to everyone. Warning sirens can become much less useful and be ignored if they are overused.

The book also includes the latest versions of tornado safety rules for home, office and school. Available in ebook only as the softcover version has sold out.


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