Tornado Watch: Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa

This watch is in effect until 10pm CDT. Iowa has not reported a tornado in the last 359 days. That is a state record. Unfortunately, it looks like that record will end today.
Note the probability of tornadoes is "high" and the probability of ≥F-2 tornadoes or strong is "moderate." In addition to the tornadoes, it is also forecasting 3" hail stones and wind gusts to 80 mph! The storms should move fairly rapidly: Generally NE to ENE at 30-40 mph.

Please pay attention to the weather in these areas the rest of the afternoon and evening!

Right now, radar at 1:49pm CDT shows intensifying thunderstorms near Hoisington, KS and east of Marysville, KS with a severe thunderstorm warning (yellow polygon) just issued.

Finally, a tornado watch will likely be issued for the central third of Oklahoma and parts of northeast Oklahoma by 3pm. 

I will be chasing this afternoon. Follow me  @usweatherexpert.


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