Some Photos From Yesterday's Storm Chase

Just because we only saw a brief shear funnel (that photo is below) doesn't mean we didn't have a great time storm chasing yesterday.

First, here is a view of one of my favorite parts of Kansas, the Gypsum Hills. This photo was taken south of Sun City.

The Kansas sky was absolutely spectacular. The broad-scale rotation was clearly visible.

And, finally, in the darkness, I didn't hold the camera very steady but we did get one good shear funnel cloud.

Yesterday, while we were chasing, the subject of Kansas' "weather tourism" came up. Every one of the cars below are storm chasers. There were people from all over the world.
Please consider coming and visiting us in the spring. The sky here is more spectacular than anywhere else I have traveled. This photo from Ben Holcomb (via Twitter) from behind these same storms demonstrates my point.
Rather than ocean waves, come and see the waving wheat (which was gorgeous yesterday). 
You won't be sorry. 


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