Sixth Anniversary of Greensburg Tornado

Original Greensburg museum -
Photo by: Janice Borgstrom Massucci
Today is the sixth anniversary of the devastating Greensburg tornado. The story has a relatively happy ending because the death toll was quite low for that type of F-5 tornado and the town has had a marvelous "green" revival.

AccuWeather has a great story here.
Greensburg has a magnificent new museum that I highly recommend. Above is a photo of the tornado siren that continued to wail until it was destroyed by the tornado. Here is what the museum looks like from the outside.

If you are in southern Kansas, go visit Greensburg. You'll encounter a really cool small town with great, great people. They'll appreciate your business and the opportunity to meet you. 


  1. Hi! I love your FB info & your blog! Thanks for providing all the weather news we need! The above photo of the Original Greensburg Museum is mine & if possible, I would appreciate photo credit as Janice Borgstrom Massucci. Thanks! Janice.


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