How Stupid Does The National Resources Defense Council Think We Are?

Pretty stupid, apparently. The latest unscientific pronouncement from climate 'science.'

The Big Environment organization, National Resources Defense Council (2011 revenue, $133,100,000), had a big media to-do today where they tried to con gullible reporters and the public into buying that 100% of recent weather-related disasters are related to 'climate change.' As if we've never had a hurricane before.

They don't even seem to understand Economics 101. They attribute the shrinkage in agricultural production in 2012 due to the drought to "inflation" rather than supply and demand (less supply = higher prices if demand stays the same); whereas inflation is defined as a "general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money."

Now, some facts:

  • The is U.S. experiencing an unprecedented drought of major hurricanes (category 3 or higher). We have gone the longest in recorded history (going back to the 19th Century) without a major hurricane striking the U.S. coast. Every day without a major hurricane adds to the record. Our last major hurricane was Wilma in 2005. 
  • There is no upward trend in hurricane damage in the United States (graph below from Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr.). The graph includes Hurricane Sandy. 
click to enlarge
  • There is no upward trend in tornado occurrences (study by Greg Carbin, NOAA):
The words "no trend" are Greg's 

The facts: Storms are not increasing. Neither is damage when normalized for inflation and national wealth. 

Regardless of these facts, NRDC tries to incorrectly scare people into believing in global warming and that disasters are increasing. I stand by my Sunday comments

It will be interesting to see if news organizations take the bait and report their propaganda. 


  1. I remember Al Gore: "The Science is settled." Forget the fact that Al Gore is in NO position to judge ANYTHING to be Scientific or not. What a JOKE this entire matter has become! I thought I was going to have a myocardial infarct back in 1998 when a CBS reporter said "The El Nino miracle baby" (a survivor from the 1998 tornado outbreak in Florida). I never thought I would hear anything to top that -- to match THAT level of total stupidity. And it seems that it's matched and exceeded on a daily basis by these Global Warming buffoons; an HOURLY basis.

    I imagine if the "Enigma" outbreak hit today instead of February 1884, it would be ALL Global Warming. September 8, 1900 -- quite the Hurricane wouldn't you agree? Anyone talking about Global Warming as far as I am concerned..can talk to the hand. This is inoperable stupidity that just needs to GO.


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