Heads Up! Major Four Day Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Threat

We can expect a lot of "storm tourism" in Kansas starting this afternoon and continuing through Thursday.


This is the tornado outlook. Five percent is significant and the hatched area is where violent tornadoes are forecast to occur.

Extremely large hail is also likely. Fifteen percent is the significant threshold for 1" hail and the hatched area is where hail larger than two inches in diameter is forecast.


This the combined probability where 15% is significant. Violent tornadoes and very large hail likely in the hatched area.


Another dangerous day, especially in the red area.


While I believe the geographic extent will be larger than shown, this is a forecast fourth day of tornadoes and violent thunderstorms.

Now is the time to check your preparedness supplies: Flashlight, batteries, cell phone charger, shelter area, tool to get out of shelter is the door is blocked, etc.


  1. Or, as I have called it, "tornadotainment."

  2. Yes, Stan it is for some. However, genuine research is also being conducted. Regardless, I believe storm tourism is a real shot in the arm for Kansas as a whole and rural Kansas in particular.


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