Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Tornado warning: Parker, SW Tarrant and NW Johnson Co.(red polygon at center). Radar at 8:04pm. Tornadoes moving SE to ESE. Storms may be rain-wrapped and invisible! Take cover!!

West of Ft. Worth, 2 tornado locations highlighted. Storm moving east slowly. Tornado warnings are red polygons. Radar at 7:47pm. Unconfirmed report of tornado on ground near Granbury HS.

And, there is a tornado still indicated on the northern storm, radar at 7:44pm. It is moving ESE and may make it to Denton Co. Tornado 5 mi. ESE of Alvord and is likely rain-wrapped meaning you can't see it coming.

I have a number of things I have to do this evening so this will be the last live blog post.  

Friday through Sunday of this week may be very active in terms of severe thunderstorms and, possibly, tornadoes. Keep an eye on the blog for additional coverage.

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