Disquieting Story About Global Cooling

Below I wrote about what a good thing the warming of the latter half of the 20th century has been for humanity.

This morning, Anthony Watts has a story predicting, due to sunspot inactivity, cooling over the next half century. The underlying sunspot forecast, made several years ago, seems accurate so far. If so, the part of the temperature forecast I have indicated with a red box seems plausible. The giant drop beyond seems less plausible to me.
The problem is that any significant drop in temperatures is going to make feeding the world more difficult due to shorter growing seasons. While I don't attribute the extreme cold currently in progress in the U.S. farm belt to "climate change" it is a sample of what we might face in the future. Corn planting is quite late (which risks freeze damage next fall) and the 2013 winter wheat crop has already been damaged by freezing temperatures. 

I wish climate science would take off its warming blinders and spend more effort on solar/climate effects. If this forecast has a high probability of being accurate, we need to start preparing now.

Addition at 9:15am. A story about the record cold spring in the U.S. and -- after spending nearly $100,000,000,000 on "climate change" -- our humiliating inability to forecast it. Just like we failed to forecast last year's record warm spring and last summer's drought. As I say above, it is long past time for climate science to take off the blinders and start looking at the entire picture including predictability out to one year. 


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