Sunday, May 19, 2013

Damage From Thunderstorm-Generated Straight Line Winds

Here is the Storm Prediction Center's latest prediction of the probability of thunderstorm-generated wind gusts of 58 mph (50 knots) between noon central time and 7am Monday. The probability is the likelihood within 25 mi. of any particular point.

I point this out because in Kansas yesterday, there was only light damage (one home) to structures from yesterday's tornadoes. But, there was considerable damage in northern Kansas from straight winds Semi's were blown off the road and a number of buildings damaged.

Via Ed Smith these photos from Minneapolis, Kansas, taken by Ms. Loreli Hoard, show damage done from thunderstorm-generated straight winds.

When a severe thunderstorm warning is issued for high winds, you should be in the interior of your home and away from windows. 

In the Central U.S., many National Weather Service offices forecast the expected velocity of the wind gusts. If they are forecast to be 80 mph or higher, consider taking tornado precautions.

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