Climate 'Science' Moves the Goalposts -- Again

When the data doesn't support your theory, change the data. Anthony Watts has details. Earlier years get 'colder' and recent years get 'warmer.'

It will be interesting over the next few days to see if the climate scientists who claim to be reputable condemn this nonsense.

[Note to meteorologists and other scientists: I have always used the HADCrut III unadjusted data set for all of the climate graphs on the this blog and in my presentations on climate. I noted a couple of weeks ago it was no longer being produced and wondered why.

If the University of East Anglia was really interested in producing something not designed to advance an agenda, they would continue producing the original data set so that trends -- warmer or colder -- can be observed and compared. The fact that they have not speaks volumes. As has happened with the GISS data, they will now be able to say, "the data is not comparable."]


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