Friday, May 10, 2013

An Amazing Map: Days Since Last Tornado Warning

This is the number of days since a tornado warning was issued. It is listed by NWS county warning areas. Some of the numbers are amazing: Kansas City 368 days (more than one year)?! Milwaukee 688 days?

USA Today reports tornadoes are at a sixty-year low. Of course, the global warming activists think that is a bad thing. Me? I think is great!


  1. It'd be interesting to see this map with days since last tornado... I bet numbers would go even higher (in some cases dramatically?)

  2. Is it possible that some of the numbers could be inaccurate simply because some offices over-warn on tornadoes? Like rdale, I'd be interested to see the days since the last verified tornado.

  3. The flip side is that some tornadoes (like the spouts in E CO a couple days ago) are basically undetectable by radar, and don't get warned on. But they're tornadoes--as the photos attest to!

  4. @Sanfr: And, there was one of those in Massachusetts a couple of days ago.


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