Monday, May 27, 2013

4pm Storm Update

For all readers: I still believe the chances of tornadoes and very large hail over southern Nebraska and Kansas is worthy of close monitoring. 

For weather geeks: The short wave over north central Arizona is screaming northeast at about 70 mph and PVA has reached a COS-LVS line. Convective development has been delayed by the subsidence associated with the MCC over the mid-Mississippi Valley (purple arrows). However, difluence is now moving over the central High Plains (red arrows) and has triggered thunderstorms from the Nebraska Panhandle (a tornadic storm) to the KS-CO border area. 

At 3:44pm DDC radar shows the thunderstorms near the KS-CO border but a feature worth noting is the very strong dry line from LaCrosse to Greensburg to Protection to the northeasternmost corner of the Texas Panhandle. If any storms are able to develop on the dry line, they will go severe very quickly!

The weather satellite at 3:31pm shows two areas where thunderstorms may form in the next 90 minutes. 
There are towering cumulus clouds with wave features near the KS-NE border. And, just on the last image, some towering cumulus in the southern circle. 

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