Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowstorm for Midwest Developing

Content added at 12:45pm.

I receive a question via Twitter about these amounts in the context of a single city. It is too early to pin down exact amounts. Let me clarify: I have added the predicted snow from the GFS model to the already-posted NAM forecast. While the two are certainly not identical, they show the same pattern (geographic coverage) of the snowfall and amounts are roughly similar.  

Tomorrow, I'll have some of the shorter range/higher precision models that can give us more reliable amounts for given locations. In the meantime, I recommend you try to blend these two in your mind and blur your eyes and that will give you a reasonable approximation.  

U.S. GFS Model from 6am Monday

Original posting:
NAM Model from 6am Monday data

It now looks like a Denver to Green Bay snowstorm with substantial amounts is going to develop. Denver will see snow beginning Tuesday night, eastern Nebraska Wednesday midday, central Iowa Wednesday afternoon and Wisconsin Wednesday night.

More from AccuWeather.

More snow on the way for early next week.

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