Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Sunday Fun: Silly Weather Promos

Back when WeatherData, Inc. was doing weather for radio stations, every one wanted its own unique advertising motto. For example,

From the WKY Radio Satellite and Radar Weather Center, I'm Meteorologist Mike Smith Reporting.

It often seemed like we spent as much time on the taglines as we did actually conveying meteorological information.

Then, as television weather moved into the 1990's, we had the "Doppler Wars" where TV station after TV station tried to one-up the competition by touting some (often meaningless) aspect of their radar system.

With that in mind, I thought this satirical television weather promo was amusing.


  1. Great stuff, as it was the ultimate in egotistical bloviating. I am still surprised there was never a major Burger King sponsorship for the "Wopper Doppler" with the radome painted like a huge disgusting greasy hamburger.

  2. I loved my radio days with WDI!! That's how I became known as "Stormin' Steve" from the KKRD WeatherData Forecast Center... :-)


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