Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Solar Funk Continues

It has been a while since I have written about the disturbing solar trends that might -- might -- indicate something similar to a Maunder Minimum in the offing.  Anthony Watts has much more here.

Why is this important?

The Maunder Minimum corresponded to the coldest part of the Little Ice Age. On that, and on several other occasions, the lowering of sunspot values seemed to be associated with colder than average world temperatures.

Could this occur again? Yes. Will it? Don't know. But, we need to find out. It is discouraging that a significant number of climate scientists are so focused on warming that they don't even acknowledge this serious threat.

Why is it a major threat?

If the worst happens with regard to global warming there are a number of strategies that could be used to mitigate its effects.

If world temperatures plummet there will simply not be enough food to feed today's population. There is no way to mitigate that.

The under-researched threat of solar-related cooling is just one of the reasons that today's climate science is becoming increasingly detached from real-world utility. Some of today's climate 'scientists' are more worried about "contrarian linguistics" and concerned about whether the moon landing was staged on a sound studio rather than actually doing work that adds something of value to our knowledge of how the climate science actually behaves.

Hat tip: Anthony Watts.

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  1. This is so important! I don't really understand why climate "scientists" have focused so much on greenhouse gasses and ignored, in large part, the impact of the sun on our climate.

    Roger Pielke Sr. had a post by Donald Rapp reviewing Bob Tisdale's book "Who turned on the Heat" that states atmospheric warming is caused by warm oceans... not vice versa, and that oceanic warming is caused by the sun, not by anthropogenic forces. http://bit.ly/OvAU3Q

    I've thought for some time that the tunnel-vision focus on anthropogenic warming was far more based in political rhetoric than science and the lack of discussion of the hands down single largest energy producer in our solar system (the sun) is, to me, irresponsible.


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