Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Feature: "Wall Street Journal" on Moving to Kansas

Symphony in the Flint Hills
Friday's WSJ had an interesting, and fair, article about people from larger cities moving to rural Kansas. It is available here. [if they move it behind their paywall, Google "Selling the Good Life on the Great Plains" and you can access it]

The article does not mention some great tax incentives: If you move to one of these rural counties, the state waives your state income tax for give years. All Kansans receive tax-free income from sole proprietorships, LLCs, and S-corporations.

I am not a native Kansan but I love it here. People are extremely friendly. Some of the articles' complained about the stereotype of the "intolerant" small town person. I have found that to be just that -- a stereotype. There are a minority of intolerant people everywhere. Kansans tend to be "live and let live."

So, if you are thinking of moving, give us a try.


  1. Coming from South Dakota, I am still cursing state taxes here. otherwise, the last few weeks have been decent! I live in a small town and as an outsider, they welcomed me with open arms and have been super nice. Lastly there are plenty of photo ops which have been nice but there is too much private property!


  2. Chip to where are you referring. What do you mean by "too much private property"?


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