Bill and Melinda Gates: #1 Farmers in the USA

I guess with Joe Biden being sworn in next week it means that agricultural trade with China will increase. So, it was not a total surprise to learn Bill and Melina Gates are now the #1 farmers in the USA. Much of their farmland is in Nebraska, home to Bill's best friend Warren Buffett. 

I'm confident they will be following in the steps of Oliver and Lisa Douglas in their embrace of the Cornhusker State as depicted in the CBS sitcom Green Acres. 

Green Acres had a very catchy theme song. You can click on the music here and I've updated the lyrics below. The lyrics begin to be sung 15 seconds in. 

[Bill] Nebraska is the place to be.

Farm livin’ is the life for me.


Sand Hills spreading out so far and wide.


Keep Seattle, just give me that countryside.



[Melinda] Seattle's where I’d rather stay.


My shoes don’t like that ‘husker clay. 


I just adore the Space Needle’s sights.


Shopping at Borsheims just doesn’t seem so right.



[Bill] Casey’s...


[Melinda] Starbucks...


[Bill] The breeze...


[Melinda]  Tesla Trucks.



[Bill] You are my wife,


[Melinda] Good-bye Seattle life, 


[Both] Nebraska we are here!


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