Winter Storm: "Major Impacts" Predicted, 4:35pm Update

Based on late data, the area with the red stripes
is where blizzard conditions will occur Monday.
I believe Interstates 29 and 35 will be closed in southern Iowa sometime during the day Monday. Parts of I-80 might be closed in southeast Nebraska along with Nebraska Highway 50, among others. 

Snow Accumulation
This will be the biggest winter storm in the region in three years. The purple area is 15 to 18" inch amounts. Isolated spots could have 20 inches. 

The NWS winter storm index is very high with the storm. Blizzard conditions possible, especially in the southern half of the red-tinted area. This is a dangerous storm!

If you live in the red area, go to the store now, fill your car and generator with fuel now. At 3:07pm, the very first radar echos are showing up on radar in Kansas and northern Oklahoma. 
Things will go downhill from here. 

While not a major ice storm by any means, the darker green areas are where there will be
enough freezing rain to cause slippery conditions on untreated roads. 


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