Yesterday's Forecast Worked Out Pretty Well

If you compare yesterday morning's forecast on this blog to what actually happened, it worked out
pretty well. Red dots are tornadoes, blue dots are wind damage, and green dots are large hail. In this area, there were more than 200 reports of severe weather. There were reports of power failures and roads that were blocked by felled trees. Even the severe weather around Kansas City was covered with
nearly 24 hours of advance notice.

[Addition to original piece:
15,000 "customers" = about 50,000 people.]

Ever wonder how we make these forecasts that allow our readers and the public-at-large to mitigate the effect of these destructive storms?
Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather, all-true but written like a mystery novel, will inform while keeping you entertained on your summer vacation.


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